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An Earthquake Warning & A Call For 21 Days Of Prayer Watch for Consecration!
Sunday, 06 July 2008 22:00
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Dear prayer warriors,

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus of Nazareth. We are living in critical time & season in the land. The Lord have burdened my heart to share with you this warning we got from the Lord concerning an anticipated earthquake in Israel as well as a call to 21 days of watch for sanctification and consecration!

During the month of May I woke up early on the morning sensing my bed and room was shaking, and between being awake and asleep I couldn't apprehend what was happening, but then I understood this must be an earthquake, then I was thinking to get out of the house, right at that moment the shaking stopped. Then I returned back to sleep.

The day after, I went to check the news titles looking for an earthquake report for the last night incident, but I didn't find anything. Also tried to check the geological center in Israel which reports about earthquakes and again didn't find any report! I was astonished and didn't really understand what was happening with me.

The same incident happened to me for the second time after two weeks! and again I tried to check what was happening in the land, by checking the news and other information on the net. But didn't find anything related to an earthquake.

For the third time I experienced the same thing at the end of May, and then I felt there must be something the Lord is trying to speak to me about as this incident was repeated 3 times!

Global Day Of Prayer 2008

On the 2nd of June, I had a group of intercessors lead by our friend Karen Goodman visiting us in HOPE (House Of Prayer & Exploits), during the time of worship and prayer, a dear friend of Karen who lead with her the group saw a vision and this is what she shared:

"In the Spirit, I saw the Jezreel Valley. The valley was beautiful....just like it is right now....full of squares and brown squares of land. I saw though a large crack form in the ground. It was very deep, but not very long. Maybe the length of one or two tour buses. That is all I saw during that vision."

Few days after I contacted our friend who saw the vision in HOPE and she shared with me the following experience:

"That night when I saw the vision in HOPE, after went home to Tiberius, while I was sleeping, I had a dream/vision. In the dream, I was in my room and everything started shaking....the house seemed to sway back and forth. It was very real! I woke up....and still for a few minutes, it seemed as if the house was swaying. The next day, while I was out traveling with the group, I again had a sense of the earth moving. Both times, no one else felt anything. I believe it was the Lord emphasizing to me that I need to pray regarding this matter."

Few days after, as I was in the company working, the Spirit interrupted me saying:" watch the month 8/2008" I was surprised of this voice, but many times the Lord speaks to me through numbers. Therefore, I felt the numbers has a significance and the Spirit of the Lord wanted to direct my attention to this timing.

After doing a small research, the Spirit directed me to a very significant day in the month of Av, which is the 9th of Av. This day is a very important and critical day for Israel as a nation. Tisha B'Av is a time of deep mourning for the loss of the Holy Temple. The First Temple was destroyed on the 9th Day of Av by the Babylonians in B.C.E. 586 and the Second Temple was demolished by the Romans in 70 A.D. (Beit Hamikdashs).

This year, July 20, 2008, is the fast day of the 17th of Tammuz, for the Jewish people which begins a three-week period of national mourning. It is when Moses broke the Ten Commandments after descending from Mt. Sinai when God told Moses to prepare the people for 2 more days and then He would "come down" on the 3rd day. This time-period is forever marked in history because it is when the walls of the City of David, Jerusalem, were overrun. Tammuz marks the beginning time-period that ends with the fast of Tisha B'Av, when the 1st and 2nd Temples were destroyed.

In addition to the destruction of the First and Second Temples, historically, the time-period between the 17th of Tammuz and the 9th Day of Av, have coincided with other great tragedies for the Jewish people.

While prayerfully searching about this day, the Spirit directed my attention to the 21 days starting from the 17th of Tammuz to the 9th of Av, to a prophetic word the Lord released in HOPE about calling God's people for 21 days to go for the 4th watch between 3:00AM - 6:00AM.

While seeking the Lord on a strategy for this watch, the Lord took me to Isa 6:5-7

Isa 6:5 Then I said, Woe is me! For I am undone; for I am a man of unclean lips, and I dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips; for my eyes have seen the King, Jehovah of Hosts.

Isa 6:6 Then one of the seraphs flew to me, having a live coal in his hand, snatched with tongs from the altar.

Isa 6:7 And he laid it on my mouth and said, Lo, this has touched your lips; and your iniquity is taken away, and your sin purged.

Isa 6:13 But yet in it shall be a tenth, and it shall return and be consumed like the terebinth and like the oak being felled, yet has its stump; the holy seed is its stump.

Amazingly, before sharing about Isa 6:5-7 with my friend Karen Goodman, she mentioned about giving me something and I didn't understand what was it. She tried very hard to find it in her purse without success. After going together to the mountain to pray, I shared about the scripture from Isaiah. When I shared that, she amazingly said to me that she got me a Welsh COAL with her! The Lord spoke to her to give this COAL to me which has a story and huge significance:

The 1904 Welsh revival touched many nations and brought salvation and blessing to many people worldwide. At the same time in the natural world, Wales

was renowned for the exportation of anthracite coal, which burns hot and is almost smokeless. It does not catch fire easily, but when it does, it’s difficult to put out. Welsh coal is seen as a redemptive sign of God’s blessing from the tiny nation of Wales.

Amazingly, after this revelation, in the beginning of this month (July) the news headlines were filled about an anticipated earthquake in the northern area of the country. Many of the hospitals made emergency plans and training as well as started to spread out emergency instructions to the population in case of a strong earthquake.

I believe that the Lord is longing to visit this nation with the fire of revival among the Arabs and the Jews. He is calling His people with a clear voice, to be prepared, as pure, holy and consecrated vessels. It's time answer the call and stand in the gap, watching in the spirit for this coming critical season.

This is the time of consecration and sanctification before the Lord, it's time to purify our hearts and set our selves apart as Holy vessels before the Lord. It's time to watch carefully and closely in fervent prayers. God is about to shake everything that can be shaken and we are to stand steadfast on the rock of the ages. Let's pray in alignment with His redemptive purposes for this nation and cry out to God for mercy and grace in this hour.

The Lord is calling His people for 21 days of corporate watch from the 20/7 (17 th of Tammuz) until the 10/8 (9th of Av), every day @3:00AM - 6:00AM.

Please send us an email by clicking on this link: contact us

if you feel the Lord is calling you to be part of this watch. We believe this is going to make a shift in our nation and turn the hearts of the people in repentance, also our prayers are crucial for the protection and the destiny of many lives.

Thank you for your prayers!

In His unfailing grace,

- Rania

Last Updated on Monday, 28 July 2008 12:33

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