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Meeting with Graham Power & his group
Monday, 05 May 2008 22:00
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Graham Power the founder of Global day of prayer a& transformation Africa visited Nazareth on the 6th of May. HOPE has conducted a meeting for belivers from the Galilee area to hear about the vision of global Day of prayer as well as what the Lord is doing all over the globe through prayer and intercession!


There was a special blessing over the meeting and the Lord's presence was so sweet in our midst.

The Lord has encouraged all those who attended through the GDOP video 2007 that was shown in the meeting. Brother Graham shared with us about the vision the Lord showed him in the year 2000 and how this was the begining that lead to the birth of the global Day of prayer.

According to the statistics brother Graham shared, this year on May the 11th will be the biggest prayer gathering occured in all history. Around 400 milion believers will be uniting in prayer all day from the rising of the sun until the sunsit to cover the world in prayer. Until now there will be 212 countries participating in the GDOP out of 220 in all the globe!

Only in India there will around 5000 gatherings which the smallest will be 3000 people to the biggest one with 400,000 prayer warriors!

What an amazing times we are living in today! the Lord is sweepingn the globe and His glory will be shown all over the earth.

Come and join the body of Christ from all nations to pray in this global day, Sunday May the 11th.

This is the call for you to be a history maker in your land!


- Rania

You can check some of the pictures of the this meeting at the following link:

Pictures from the meeting with Graham Power

Last Updated on Wednesday, 07 May 2008 18:29

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