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Global day of Prayer May 23rd Event Report
Wednesday, 26 May 2010 22:00
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Dear brothers & sisters,

HOPE & the evangelical association in Israel have conducted the Global Day Of Prayer (GDOP) event took place on Sunday the 23rd of May. This is the 4th time GDOP event takes place in our region. The event took place in Golden Crown hotel main hall in Nazareth. This year is a unique year as the Lord has burdened our hearts to invite the Jewish Messianic congregations for this event. We believe uniting in prayer of repentance for this land, will bring an open heaven over our region and release the river of healing!

Many churches from Galilee area to Jerusalem took part of the prayer event in Nazareth. Many local churches were represented in this meeting and around 750 people Arabs & Jews attended.

Believers from across Israel joined together in worship and prayer, celebrating their common love of the Messiah in three languages, Arabic, Hebrew and English. The Redeemer Praise Team, an Arab praise team from Alliance Church in Jerusalem, led the crowd in worship.

Global Day Of Prayer 2010

We had special message on personal repentance shared by Pastor Ehab Ashkar who pastors a church in Magar village. He spoke a direct message to the body of christ to return back to the Lord in weeping and mourning and rend our hearts not our clothes from Joel 2:12-13. He hightlighted the sins of the church today the lust of the world, the busyness, and love of the world. Also trusting on the arm of flesh instead of the Lord's! This message was direct and annointed. This time was ended with leading the people in prayer. Following this the Arab worship team led the crowds in worship returning back to the Lord with all our hearts.

Following this, Pastor Avi Mezrachi who pastors a Messianic congregation in Yafo Tel-Aviv shared a message on corporate repentace, from the Jer 5:1,2,4 as well as Jer 7: 4-6 and Ezekiel 36:16-18.

HE led the people of GOD into corporate repentace for the following sins of this nation Arabs & Jews together. The shedding of innocent blood, opressing the window, the stranger & the fatherless.

Avi repenting on behalf of the Jewish people on having the sins of homosexiality, new age & the shedding of innocent blood through abortion, as in Israel today there is 50000 babies killed every year in abortion.

Pastor Edwar Tannous the pastor of the assemblies of God church in Haifa, prayed and repented on behalf of the Arab people in the land for all the above mentioned sins that the Arab people commited before God. Both of them asked forgivness from each other representing the one New MAN in the nation of Israel.

After this special time of prayer, Arab & Jewish pastors prayed over the Lord's supper, bread and the wine and leaders began to serve the crowds to take communion together resembling our unity in the blood of the lamb!

Following the commnion special time of brokness and love was poured out through the feet washing, as Arab leaders began to wash the feets of the Jewish leaders expressing their love & humility before the Lord! This time was outstanding, as the hearts of God's people was melting with His love flowing over the place and washing the hearts with His healing river!

Arab leaders washing the feets of Jewish leaders

Arab & Jewish youth were represented in the meeting, as Rania Sayegh had prayed a release of God's fire over the young generation and His holy passion to be ignited again in their hearts. Along with her Asher Intrator prayed for the Jewish youth releasing and declaring the promise of God for this young generation to arise in this hour!

After this, the Lord poured out the oil of joy where there was a breaking out of celebration and dancing before the Lord. Arabs & Jews dancing before God, uniting together and rejoicing in all what He has done!

The Lord has done amazing shift in the heavenlies as well as in the hearts of the His people in this hour. Prayers were powerful and ochestrated by the Holy Spirit, therefore we believe that there is a new door opened in the heaven over Nazareth and the region. His healing river was rushing from the throne room into His people.

To check some pictures of the event please click on the following link: Global Day of Prayer pictures

A video clip will soon be shown in the website!

Check these interviews with Arab & Jewish pastors:

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